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TomBrothers TomBrothers NY

Casual, family friend game for tablets and phones!

TomBrothers is a fun game to spend your free time. Perfect for family and parents who wants to entertain their kids with a fun and educative game.
Collect food crossing the street with tomatos. Whatch out for cars and take care of your tomatoes, they will get older and evetually die. You make points collecting food, but keep in mind that junkfood makes your tomato fater and slower.

Easy, simple, fun and adictive.

Game Modes:

  • Easy mode for kids/toddler
  • Normal Arcade mode
  • Hard, for masters in tomatoes
  • 2 players mode, both players play in the same tablet, competing by the same food. (tablets are highly recommended for this mode)

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TomBrothers TomBrothers TomBrothers